Health Impact Assessments

Health Impact Assessments (HIA) are an objective tool used to predict and measure the potential health impacts of a proposed scheme upon both the existing and future population of an area. Using the NHS Healthy Urban Development Unit (HUDU) assessment, we scope our HIA’s to represent the relevant potential health impacts as appropriate to the scheme. These impacts undergo an in-depth analysis of various contributing factors to ensure health is a key consideration during the design development. Impacts that can be considered in a HIA cover a range of health and well-being elements and can include consideration of the design, provision of services and social infrastructure, access to open space, pollution levels, site accessibility, community safety and cohesion, supporting of healthy lifestyles, supporting access to work and training, and consideration of environmental issues, as appropriate.

Manhattan Loft Gardens – Socio-Economic

Cambridge Community Sporting Company

Academy Central

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