Manhattan Loft Gardens – Socio-Economic

Greengage were appointed to lead the creation of an environmental strategy, including socio-economic assessment for a mixed-use residential and hotel scheme in East London. As part of the submission, two separate applications were submitted: a hotel scheme to be built before the 2012 Olympics and a mixed-use scheme with a Legacy phase residential tower constructed above the hotel.

The proposed development was not included within the original Masterplan permissions for either the Olympic Park or Stratford City and so it was fundamental to ascertain the community facilities that were being brought forward as part of those scheme’s Reserved Matters applications so that any surplus capacity could be identified.

In addition, as the residential tower was not due to be brought forward until the Legacy phase in 2014, population projections were undertaken for all proposed residential development either submitted for planning or permitted in the local area to ascertain a 2014 baseline position.

A comprehensive understanding of the funding mechanisms from central government to provide new local education or health care facility capacity was also instrumental in ensuring that the proposed development was not subject to needless contributions. As a result, Greengage’s expertise successfully established the basis for a £2 million reduction in S106 contributions for healthcare.