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Comprehensive Carbon Footprinting in Real Estate

Making comprehensive, substantial reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for buildings is a daunting prospect. The construction and operation of buildings contributes around 40% of worldwide GHG emissions, so change is expected and needed as part of global emissions targets. Operational energy uses have previously been the area of focus for carbon accounting and target […]

Whitbread Premier Inn, Tolworth

Brunel University


Two Issues for 2019: social value and biodiversity net gains

Greengage were asked to provide an article for GRESB that discussed some of the key trends and expectations for sustainable real estate assets in 2019. Ensuring that assets are sustainable has become increasingly more important for investors and asset owners. Within the article, Greengage explored the challenges that social value presents to both investors and […]


A summary of the recent Social Impact Spotlight debate held by @PropertyWeek. Delivering worthwhile and meaningful #SocialValue is so important and requires it to be considered at the earliest stage of a project. #improvinglives https://t.co/SdWXxDDc8x


Interesting interview with the evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen including discussions around the importance of thinking small scale as well as large scale when it comes to #urbangreening in the city. #invertebrates #greeninfrastructure https://t.co/dWcoJuHk2n

M&G Real Estate

Canary Wharf Group

105 Sumner Street & 133 Park Street


Not only has the authority not considered the environmental impact but to reject an offshore wind farm in the same area due to its visual impact how is an oil rig allowed? There should be no future for oil. #ClimateChange #biodiversity https://t.co/iru7s1jqv3

Elephant Park

Sea Containers House


New #Biodiversity Net Gain Guidance has been launched. The guidance has been produced by @CIRIAupdates @iemanet and @CIEEMnet to provide further detailed information on BNG. Great to see one of our projects in the #BestPractice case studies edition. https://t.co/hfvAeePZSr

Brentford FC

Manhattan Loft Gardens


Biodiversity Net Gain

The concept of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) has gained increasing traction in the past couple of years as more people acknowledge the wide-ranging benefits that nature provides society. Most notably, the idea was included in the 25 Year Environment Plan and embedded within NPPF 2.0 last summer; moves that spell a likely sea change in […]

Improving lives through Sustainable Design

Green Sky Thinking Week 2018, is an annual event organised by Open City to spread best practice for sustainability in the built environment. This year’s theme was ‘People First’, with a task of exploring sustainable design from the human perspective.  This seemed a great opportunity to talk about Clapham Park, a major regeneration project that has been […]

Greengage at Healthy City Design

Using active design principles to create healthier communities: theory and practice Greengage Associates Chris Burgess and Rob Miller along with Rob Holt of Sport England presented at the 2018 Healthy City Design conference. They spoke about ‘Using active design principles to create healthier communities’ They presented and explained how active design principles were incorporated into […]

Clapham Park

One Lansdowne Road

University College London

Great Portland Estates

Nile Street


Improving lives through Sustainable Design. #claphampark #improvinglives #SustainableDevelopment. Click on the link to view full video. https://t.co/XTLZjLEZRT https://t.co/69ZIfPtjQ8
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