Great Eastern Quay

Greengage acted on behalf of Notting Hill Housing Trust as the socio-economic consultants contributing towards the Environmental Impact Assessment that was undertaken as part of the planning application submission.

The proposed development includes the regeneration of the former Ivax site to deliver high quality housing units, flexible commercial space, an improved public space by the river and docks, and the opportunity for enhanced transport links.

Greengage undertook an assessment of the proposed development’s effects on the socio-economic conditions of both the local community and the new residents. The assessment looked at issues that cannot be easily measured such as the potential for crime and fear of crime (these were informed by industry best practice and professional judgement) and also the potential for demand on local facilities such as schools and GP surgeries which are more readily accounted for.

Greengage used additionality assessments to calculate the employment brought forward by both the construction and operational phases of the proposed development and used child yield calculations along with GLA benchmarks to calculate the amount of open and play space to be provided in the proposals. Following on from our assessment we supported the S106 discussions to determine where relevant and appropriate contributions were necessary.

We continue to support Notting Hill Housing Trust through schemes in a similar location.