Westminster Green Roof Policy

Westminster Green Roof Policy

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Previously wasted space, roof areas are now being considered as prime locations for the development of green space. Green roofs demonstrate how biodiversity benefit can be delivered and significantly aid the achievement of BREEAM Eco credits, they also have the potential to make a considerable contribution to Flood Risk Strategy with over 2,500 hectares of flat roof space in London.

The Westminster City Management Plan is being inserted in the adopted Core Strategy and sets a precedent for green roof policy and is likely to have important implications in and around London. At the heart of this Policy, is a requirement for all major new build and conversion developments to incorporate living roofs, living walls and ecologically sensitive urban greening. And where the London Borough of Westminster leads, many other planning authorities often follow.

In future, green spaces will have to be allowed for in the design of new buildings and as a result developers would be well advised to involve ecology experts early in the development process to gain a full appreciation of the cost and time implications.

To review the Urban Greening Westminster’s City Management Plan in detail, please click here.

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