The future of sustainability. What the industry told us... what do you think? #Sustainability #engage

Wellbeing should replace growth as 'main aim of UK spending'

Fantastic, thought-provoking discussion at the #CIRIAdebate - is circularity in the built environment an impossible dream? GreengageEnv photo

Thank you to Jo and the team @PeelLandP for having us today and giving us an opportunity to present at the Green Roofs for #greatermanchester event. It was lovely to hear from Jennie @KidsAllowed @Ridyard @AFLArchitects @DrMikeHardman @SalfordUni and Keith @EcoGreenRoofs GreengageEnv photo

En route to @PeelLandP #Greenroofs for Greater Manchester event. Looking forward to being part of the presentations and discussions this morning.


There are a wide range of opportunities to incorporate biodiversity features into the built form - don’t forget its also needs the right plants as part of the strategy but #urbanbiodiversity can be easy !
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Environmental journalist @AnnaTurns
A hIve of industry - these amazing bee bricks by @GreenandBlueUK have the potential to transform the construction industry and provision for wildlife. Read my feature in the latest @RECLAIMmagazine out now

That’s how I started and how my kids started - it’s the easy way to get around !

A few of the benefits trees provide
There are a lot more benefits as well such as flood defence, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

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Defra UK @DefraGovUK
We’ve announced a new £10 million Urban Tree Challenge Fund grant to plant more than 130,000 trees across England’s towns and cities over the next two years. 🌲 @ForestryComm

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Spreading the love for #GreenInfrastructure #biodiversity
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Ryan Mills @RyanHMills
Had a great morning discussing #GreenInfrastructure and visiting some great examples of integration within the urban #environment. Thank you to all those that attended and a special thank you to Morgan at @GreengageEnv for your great presentation and guidance. @PlaceServices