Trees and Development

Trees and Development

Trees and Development 2560 2560 Greengage Environmental

Trees should be a material consideration at the outset of any new development and it is essential they are considered early within the design process. When retained in the right location, trees are an important element of green infrastructure and contribute to urban cooling and provide micro-climatic effects that can reduce energy demands in buildings, therefore playing an important role in climate change adaptation. They have been shown to increase property value and add maturity and amenity value to new communities.

In this talk we cover:

  • Environmental, Social and Health benefits of trees,
  • Trees and Green Infrastructure, Planning Policy, i-Tree and Ecosystem Valuation
  • An introduction to BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to Construction,
  • Trees and the design process,
  • Tree protection methods,
  • Working within the Root Protection Zone, and
  • Post-development – maintaining a healthy tree stock.

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