Sustainability on the run…

Sustainability on the run…

Sustainability on the run… 324 200 Greengage Environmental

Our very own Rob Miller ran the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 15th April fundraising and raising awareness for the WWF. There was a slight twist, he would run the entire marathon in a panda costume including an enormous panda head! He managed to complete the marathon with a smile on his face and a lot of sweat not helped by his fury friend!

The whole point of this costumed run was to raise awareness and some money for the WWF, a charity he feels very passionate about. Rob says, “They do a whole lot more than you might think from the more apparent such as protecting wildlife and the most vulnerable natural habitats to the less public of sustainably securing fresh water for people and planning how to effectively feed the global population without increasing demands on the earth’s natural resources.”

The WWF do amazing work and all of us at Greengage are very proud of Rob for supporting their cause.

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