Bat Surveys & Protected Species Surveys

We assess the potential for statutorily protected, rare or notable species to be present on-site. Where required we can coordinate and undertake further specialised surveys to confirm their presence/likely absence and abundance. Particularly, we offer support throughout the planning process providing a range of bat survey types including Emergence/Re-entry Surveys, Activity Surveys and Preliminary Roost Assessment Surveys. Greengage hold a Natural England Class Bat Survey Licence enabling detailed assessments of development sites. Our experience with bats and the built form allows bespoke and focussed advice through the creation of mitigation strategies and European Protected Species Mitigation Licencing support.

Among others, we also offer specialist Reptile, Dormice, Great Crested Newt and Water Vole surveys. Many protected species surveys are seasonally constrained and we can provide advice on what surveys can be carried out over the year and how this may influence the planning and construction programme. We strongly advise that early consultation with us is sought to avoid delays to the project programme.

Greengage’s Survey Calendar

Netherhall Gardens

Richborough Power Station

Brown long eared bat maternity roost monitoring

Bristol Greater Horseshoe Monitoring

St. James’ Square

Saffron Walden Castle, Essex

Mark Teys Hall


Elephant and Castle Regeneration


Royal Arthur Park

Cherkley Court