The greenest city in the world

The greenest city in the world

The greenest city in the world 300 211 Greengage Environmental

The draft London Plan and Environment Strategy both contain big ambitions for the capital. Morgan Taylor scrutinises the proposals.

The draft London Plan was published by the capital’s mayor Sadiq Khan last November. It aims to build on the progressive policies set out in the Greater London Authority (GLA) draft London Environment Strategy from August, putting into practice the environmental commitments made by the mayor in his election manifesto. Combining policy on London’s biggest environmental challenges, these documents seek to make London the greenest city in the world, while meeting formidable housebuilding targets. Air quality is high on the agenda, alongside green infrastructure, waste, climate change adaptation and mitigation, energy, and noise pollution. Integrated, multifunctional solutions are encouraged a progression from previous policy documents, which largely addressed different disciplines on individual merit. Under the plans, the capital would be a zero-carbon city by 2050, and will have increased green space cover to more than 50% in area. The Environment Strategy contains the first solar action plan for London while the ambitious National Park City concept would finally be realised, albeit with a risk of gimmickry.

This article was written for the RICS Land Journal by Greengage Principal Ecologist Morgan Taylor. To read the full article please click here.

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