Green Sky Thinking Post Event Report

Green Sky Thinking Post Event Report

Green Sky Thinking Post Event Report 150 150 Greengage Environmental

Research undertaken by Greengage identified that a knowledge gap and lack of quantitative evidence was seen as the key barrier to uptake of H&W principles. With this in mind, our Green Sky Thinking event focussed on sharing approaches undertaken by Grosvenor and Greengage to help progress thinking on the topic.

Specific learnings included:

  • An introduction to the Grosvenor’s Living cities philosophy and how this sets the framework for creating successful, healthy environments, through a range of city focussed attributes;
  • How the Living cities approach is being applied at Barton Park as a part of the NHS Healthy New Towns initiative. We learnt that the scheme has adopted health & wellbeing principles from the outset and can potentially provide the perfect test bed for measuring the outcomes of particular design intentions; and
  • How quantitative metrics of years of health gained and their associated financial value to the NHS, have been developed for assessing the health benefits of community level design interventions on a project in Cambridge.

We have written a full review report highlighting more details of the outcomes: Designing for Health & Wellbeing Report 2016.

Green Sky Thinking 2016 organised by Open-City.