Flights fuelled by rubbish

Flights fuelled by rubbish

Flights fuelled by rubbish 150 150 Greengage Environmental

Within a matter of years your British Airways flight could literally be powered by rubbish destined for the dump. GreenSky London, a partnership between Solena Fuels and British Airways, are creating the world’s first facility to convert landfill waste into jet fuel.

The new biofuel production plant will be located on the Thames Enterprise Park, part of the site of the former Coryton oil refinery in Thurrock, Essex. And Greengage has been acting as Environmental Assessors and Sustainability Consultants for GreenSky London on this exciting and innovative development.

The project, using Solena’s innovative integrated technology, will help to significantly reduce environmental impacts of Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions. Fuel production will commence in 2015 and when complete, will convert over 500,000 tonnes of post–recycled waste, normally destined for landfill or incineration, into 16 million gallons of clean burning jet fuel. British Airways has made a long term commitment to purchase 50,000 tonnes per annum to help fly its planes at a lower carbon footprint and because the fuel is made out of waste it should be no more costly to purchase than regular jet fuel.

The process will offer lifecycle greenhouse gas savings of up to 95% compared to fossil fuel derived kerosene and the plant will also provide 40 megawatt of power back into the ‘grid’ from surplus energy. It’s a ground-breaking fuel project set to lead the way of future production of sustainable aviation fuel. See here for further reading.