Energy Update

Energy Update

Energy Update 2000 1000 Greengage Environmental

Summer has seen the culmination of Greengage’s work to support a planning application for a large, residential-led mixed use development at Clapham Park, London. Greengage were appointed as the energy lead for the development. Additional duties included supporting the environmental design to achieve occupant comfort and provide natural ventilation strategies within some buildings.

The project has benefitted from our wider environmental design services to lead the creation of environmentally friendly dwellings and provide a positive impact to the health & wellbeing of residents. The trend in the wider sustainability sector is for ‘health and wellness’ to be the new mantra complementary to ‘green’. Greengage has been investing upon the increasing worldwide interest in the sustainability agenda in buildings, with a particular focus on health and wellbeing.

We have achieved this in our recent brief by expanding our capabilities and investing in training/software to support our existing energy support. Greengage now have the capability to offer thermal, natural ventilation & CFD modelling to provide advice/guidance on the environmental strategy and servicing/controls to maximise the performance of new buildings.

In the case of Clapham Park, we have looked at the natural ventilation of a communal atrium space. The strategy is to ensure adequate ventilation, high indoor air quality and extraction of internally-generated pollutants through an increased supply of outdoor air. Our goal is to provide a fully natural ventilated communal space within the enclosed atrium space avoiding the use of any fixed mechanical ventilation equipment that will reduce further the energy consumption of the buildings.

Additionally, Greengage’s overheating analysis is making sure that all spaces have a low overheating risk during the summer months and the natural ventilation solution has no impact on the adjacent residential spaces.

The use of our additional dynamic simulation capability has allowed the project team to deliver 35% emissions savings compared to a Building Regulations 2013 compliant scheme. The proposed development therefore, not only ensures occupants will have comfortable homes but also that they will be cheap to run.