Energy & Carbon Management
  • Greengage is an accredited and licensed energy assessor for both the residential and commercial sectors. We provide Energy Performance Certificates in line with UK legislative requirements for existing and new properties constructed, sold or let. Working within framework agreements we can ensure organisations are prepared for changing legislation.

  • Greengage recommends energy efficiency measures and building system strategies to respond to planning policy. In proposed development projects we assess the potential for low and zero carbon technologies, investigate how designs can improve occupant wellbeing and reduce their energy costs. The resultant energy strategies are developed in accordance with best practice guidance and consider all options in order to help secure planning permission.

  • As part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) we carry out energy audits of existing buildings to provide recommendations to improve energy efficiency and performance.

  • Greengage uses future climate data to assess the likelihood of overheating in proposed building designs. Analysis of the results and close working relationships with Architects and Fa’ade Engineers allows us to resolve any issues with practical and cost effective measures. Ensuring that future building occupants enjoy improved wellbeing and comfort in high-quality spaces that are adaptive to climate change.

  • Greengage designs and delivers affordable, low carbon and commercially viable community heating networks that are fit for the future. District heating is the only energy supply system proven to reduce emissions, energy costs, ensure security of supply and have built-in adaptability for new technologies. We enable the creation of future-proof heating systems across all scales of projects.

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