Ecology Surveys and Planning CPD

Ecology Surveys and Planning CPD

Ecology Surveys and Planning CPD 2560 2560 Greengage Environmental

Greengage will help project managers, architects and planners to understand what is required from project teams with respect to ecology and development, particularly in light of recent changes to guidelines, and potential future changes to protected species mitigation and licencing.

Ecology is often a contentious subject in development and it can be valuable to have a sound understanding of what to expect, and how best to deal with issues should they arise.


This year has seen updates to two best practice industry guideline documents, relating to Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) and Bat Surveys. Our seminar will focus on what is expected from your relative discipline regarding ecology throughout the planning process. We will help ensure that design teams are prepared for the ecology survey calendar and are aware of the potential constraints that may be faced should protected species be present.

We hope to explore the reasons why we survey for protected species, and how we go about this process, to make the discipline of ecology more transparent to others working in the construction industry.

This CPD can be undertaken at your place of work, at a time that best suits your team to ensure maximum value.

If you are interested in Greengage providing a CPD please contact Mike Harris.