Ecology News and Planning CPDs

Ecology News and Planning CPDs

Ecology News and Planning CPDs 2500 1663 Greengage Environmental

Our ecologists have had another very busy summer surveying across the country. We have had badgers on the Isle of Wight, bat roosts in Surrey, living roofs in central London, wind turbines in Kent and reptiles in Berkshire.

As autumn approaches the ecology team can take a breath (and catch up on some sleep!) although plenty of surveys continue throughout this period. Reptile surveys will run up to October and ecological appraisals and scoping surveys will continue throughout the winter. It is always useful to have an understanding of what surveys may be required for the spring, and engaging with an ecologist at an early stage can make sure that there is plenty of time to prepare, avoiding potentially major delays in planning; whilst we are too late in the season this year for most assessments, planning for the 2017 season will soon begin!

Our ecology team will also be touring the country speaking with clients during our Ecology and Planning CPD sessions throughout the winter. This well received talk can be tailored to suit your company’s needs, explaining all that you need to know and consider regarding ecology within development.

For more information on ecological support for planning, or our CPD seminars, please contact our Senior Consultant, Morgan Taylor on 0203 544 3995 or