York Way, Kings Cross

Greengage provided energy advice to enable the construction of a 389 bedroom hotel on York Way, Kings Cross for Whitbread as part of a new addition to the compact and contemporary hub by Premier Inn hotel brand.

Appointed during the feasibility stage, Greengage produced the Energy & Sustainability Statements to support the planning application to the London Borough of Islington. BREEAM pre-assessment advice was also lead by Greengage, building on the advice which helped the St Martin’s Lane hub by Premier Inn Hotel achieve a certified BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.

The Energy Statement was tasked with meeting the GLA recommended 35% reduction from 2013 Building Regulations regulated emissions through a combination of passive design, energy efficient equipment and low or zero carbon technologies. An additional complication was the requirement to offset the residual emissions within a local authority operated carbon abatement scheme.

Greengage lead the discussions within the team about the scale of emissions for the project and how these could be interpreted based on the Local Authority guidance. As part of planning conditions the Local Authority also asked for a cost comparison exercise to compare connection to a nearby decentralised energy scheme.

Greengage managed the response on behalf of the team and helped our client identify the best value approach through planning, design and into operation.