Whitbread PLC

Greengage has worked with Whitbread for a number of years providing both project-specific sustainability expertise and strategic environmental guidance. In 2010 we provided environmental and sustainability support for the Stratford City Premier Inn, ensuring that the development met the stringent requirements of the site wide strategies and presenting to the Environmental Review Panel of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

More recently, we have completed the BREEAM assessment of the new Premier Inn and Brewers Fayre overlooking Barry’s No.1 Dock, Wales. Whitbread developed the scheme in partnership with the Welsh Government and Vale Council and as such, it was critical the development met the Welsh Government’s BREEAM Excellent rating requirement. We are currently providing sustainability, energy and biodiversity consultancy for Whitbread’s new sustainable Premier Inn Hub hotels.

We have also worked with Whitbread to develop an Environmental Legislation Guide – a user-friendly and accessible guide to relevant environmental legislation and regulatory requirements, particularly with regard to energy and the environment. This was delivered to each individual site in 2012 to enhance the environmental management of each site, in line with ISO14001 principles. It provides a starting point for stakeholders within Whitbread to understand which of the environmental laws and regulations apply to their business area, how they can meet them, and where they can find out further information.

We continue to support Whitbread on a number of exciting new projects.