Sustainability Compliance Guide

Whitbread PLC is the UK’s largest hotel and restaurant company, operating a number of market-leading businesses including: Premier Inn, Beefeater, Table Table, Brewers Fayre, Taybarns and Costa Coffee with its associated operations such as Costa Express. Whitbread were seeking to ensure their business operations met all legal guidelines and that they had procedures in place to comply with any environmental regulatory standards required.

Greengage provided regulatory advice in the form of a legislative compliance guide. Whitbread are keen to take forward a proactive rather than reactive environmental agenda and a key aspect of this was advanced knowledge and understanding of forthcoming environmental legislative and policy changes, which were included in the guide.

Greengage produced a compliance guide both for Whitbread’s operations in the United Kingdom, and for their Premier Inn and Costa Coffee branches in 13 other countries across Europe and Asia.

As part of the legislative guide, Greengage devised a ranking matrix to assess the risk that each regulation represents to the business and thereby allow Whitbread to understand the implications of compliance at all stages of construction and operation.