Tesco Distribution Centre

Greengage were appointed to lead the creation of an environmental strategy for large-scale industrial scheme in East London. As part of the submission, two separate development elements were modelled: a detailed scheme with a refrigerated distribution warehouse, vehicle maintenance unit and recycling facility, and an outline scheme for three separate light industrial warehouses to be developed at a later stage.

The strategy identified a number of existing and potential low and zero carbon energy sources near the application site, including a feasibility study of connection to the London Thames Gateway Heat Network. Following an economic and technical appraisal of the options, an on-site biofuel CHP facility was identified as being most cost-effective. In addition, photovoltaic panels were included within the development on available and appropriate roof space.

A key part of the strategy for the detailed elements of the scheme was to work with the corporate environmental team to investigate the feasibility of including passive design measures which were cost-effective and reduced the carbon emissions from the development.