Sustainable development, Cricklewood

Situated next to the Brent Cross Cricklewood Regeneration area and the Edgware Road commercial corridor, the site required robust environmental assessment. Ultimately, a sustainable development was put forward for the 1.27 hectare site providing 394 dwellings, 46% to be affordable housing. The pre-assessment demonstrated the design could deliver a high level of environmental sustainability when benchmarked against the Major of London’s Sustainable Design and Construction Policy.

As part of the energy feasibility study for the site, a Combined Heat and Power (CHiP) plant was proposed. In addition, the incorporated photovoltaics (PV) generate electricity for the residents and are  the  most  appropriate  zero  carbon  technology to  complement  CHiP  in  this  urban  context. Compared to a baseline scheme this represents a saving of over 35% of CO2 emissions each year, which is the equivalent of 305 tonnes of CO2.

The  process  required  negotiations  with  the  Borough  of  Barnet,  the  GLA,  English  Heritage  and influential local Societies.