Stratford Centre and Morgan House

Located within the heart of Stratford Town Centre, the development involves the extensive redevelopment of the existing buildings and structures on the Morgan House site along with the development of new prestigious residential, office and retail floor area.

The development involves the demolition of some existing buildings and structures on the site and the refurbishment and extension of the existing Morgan House building to 19 storeys. It also involves the development of new buildings including a 42 storey building, a 24 storey building and a 3 storey podium building comprising 583 residential units. Private and communal amenity areas, retail/leisure and office use is also incorporated. The development replaces and upgrades market trader storage facilities and provides for new and enhanced public realm areas.

Greengage developed the Sustainability Statement, Energy Statement, BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes Reports for the entire development.

The team also produced a comprehensive Environmental Statement (ES) in line with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations. As well as managing the entire ES, Greengage were also tasked with developing the socio-economic chapter for the ES in order to demonstrate the multiple socio-economic benefits that the development would bring to the Stratford Centre area.

The team have been involved in extensive statutory, key stakeholder and public consultation.