Nile Street

Award winning strategic real-time construction energy and water monitoring in Central London construction project. The Nile Street development is a collaboration between the London Borough of Hackney and the Local Education Partnership, delivering high quality homes and educational facilities in Hackney.

Greengage worked with McLaren Group, the principal contractor for the redevelopment of the New Regent’s College site, providing group level advice on improving the sustainability of their construction sites and company activities.

Following an ESOS audit, conducted by Greengage, the recommendation was made for construction site monitoring and evaluation. By evaluating the energy and water use on site, alongside the recording of site activity, McLaren could begin to understand where potential wastage was occurring and what improvements to current practices could be made.

Alongside energy and water, the air quality of the McLaren site offices was monitored due to the concerns around construction dust and dirt entering their staff’s working environment.

The results of the monitoring will be taken forward to develop more efficient and healthier construction sites for future McLaren projects.

The work and commitment to improving the construction process was recognised at the Green Apple Environmental Awards, where McLaren won a Bronze award in the Environmental Best Practice section.