Pincents Hill

Pincents Hill is conceived as an urban extension in and of West Berkshire, attached to and fully integrated with Greater Reading.

The proposals provide for a total of 750 dwellings with other ancillary uses including: a healthcare centre, library, nursery/crèche, shops, a 40-bed hotel with spa and gym facilities, up to two restaurants and cafés, a primary school, commercial office space and open space and landscaping.

Greengage were appointed by Blue Living Ltd to coordinate all of the technical environmental assessments and surveys, liaise with all the stakeholders and produce the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in support of the outline planning application.

Pincents Hill has been designed to provide a traditional solution to modern housing challenges with the additional benefit of improved understanding of, and commitment to, contemporary environmental challenges. All buildings will be highly energy efficient; the energy strategy will reduce the total carbon emissions from energy used on site by 60% compared to a Building Regulations compliant scenario. Moreover, Pincents Hill will offer people the opportunity to reduce their overall environmental footprints in ways that help improve quality of life, for example, by providing localised mixed-use development, amenities, environmentally sustainable forms of movement and local food production.