M&G Real Estate

M&G Real Estate (M&G) was seeking to understand the factors that should be investigated when considering the adoption of electric vehicle (EV) charge point technology at its assets. The aim of this research was to set out the most appropriate technology, operational and commercial models available, and provide M&G with a view as to the various pros and cons associated with the current market offer.

Greengage provided a general overview of charging infrastructure in the UK which included the distribution of EV charge points, the types of EV charging technology and the key national public charging networks. An extensive part of this research involved contacting EV charge point suppliers that would be suitable for the retail and leisure portfolio locations that M&G own. We gathered a variety of data from suppliers to provide a picture of the options available to the investment managers. The end output being an analysis that allows an informed decision to be made about selecting an appropriate supplier, technology and commercial arrangement.

Following the research, Greengage produced a document providing the overall findings of the research. In addition, Greengage developed a suppliers matrix for M&G which enabled them to compare EV suppliers by providing more detail on the elements that had been researched.