Low Carbon Feasibility Studies

Whitbread PLC were seeking to investigate the feasibility of installing electric vehicle (EV) charge points at Premier Inn locations as part of their CSR strategy.

Greengage undertook a detailed feasibility study in 2015 and, responding to the rapidly changing EV market in the UK, an updated study in 2017. This included a market review of current and forecast EV ownership, available charging technology, suppliers and feasibility of charge point infrastructure rollout. Whitbread required a fully costed assessment of rolling out this new and relatively unproven technology across a number of their UK locations.

The output of the studies was a series of research based recommendations for how Whitbread may roll out EV charge points. This covered revenue potential, recommended units, suppliers and key partnerships, available funding and revenue streams, hotel sites with high demand potential and associated marketing initiatives that are necessary in order to make such an investment commercially viable.