Elephant Park

Elephant Park Masterplan is a £2.3 billion regeneration project in South London providing 3,000 new homes, 6,000 new jobs and a 2 acre new park.

The Elephant Park regeneration programme spans across 28 acres of land in the centre of Elephant and Castle within the London Borough of Southwark (LB Southwark). The client, Lendlease, has the vision to create Central London’s new green heart as proposals include a 2-acre new park which would be the largest new green space in London for 70 years. The approach to the development largely focuses on achieving sustainable outcomes which is highlighted by the regeneration project chosen to be part of the Climate Positive Development Programme.

To create sustainable outcomes, the scheme will provide 3,000 new cycle spaces, plant 1,200 new trees and ensure that all homes designed achieve at least 35% lower emissions than current regulations require. The Elephant Park regeneration programme will create opportunities for all by delivering at least 1,700 affordable homes.

Greengage have been involved with the Elephant Park project for several years now.  Our initial involvement was around ecology survey and input to the masterplan with particular emphasis on bat surveys. We were pleased to sit on the Biodiversity Ecology and Nature (BEN) Strategy board which sets the Framework for ecological design on each detailed phase. As part of this role, Greengage provided input to the green roof and green infrastructure strategy for the first phase of the development and we are currently undertaking a long-term monitoring scheme of the effectiveness of the green roofs and other ecological enhancements.  This novel monitoring scheme stands to provide crucial data on the long-term effectiveness of urban Green Infrastructure.

As future phases of the development have come forward Greengage have taken on the role of EIA consultant and advisor to Lendlease. The latest element has included Greengage delivering the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening exercise on behalf of Lendlease for the fifth phase of the development (MP5 H7) which involved the production of an Environmental Review Report. As part of the report, Greengage coordinated a number of consultants from different technical disciplines to provide the necessary input and details for the EIA Screening. The aim of the Screening Exercise was to demonstrate to LB Southwark that an EIA would not be required for this phase of the project. LB Southwark’s screening decision was that an EIA is not necessary for the development which provided Lendlease with the outcome they desired.