Clapham Rotunda

Greengage provided ecological support for the improvement of this listed WW2 air raid shelter on Clapham Common.

Used during WW2, this air raid shelter at Clapham South housed thousands during the Blitz, and provided a home for those traveling from the Commonwealth after the war on HMS Windrush. Proposals sought to create a new café at the site, allowing visitors to access the shelter, and learn more about its history and significance for Lambeth.

Greengage undertook a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal where the value for bats was identified. A detailed scoping and re-entry survey confirmed the likely absence of bat species, however enhancement provision for bird and bat boxes and an area of wildflower living roof were allowed for in the design, enabling net gains for biodiversity at the site.

Greengage worked with the design team and liaised with the local authority biodiversity officer to ensure that design considered the ecological requirements, helping to facilitate the smooth running of the planning process.