Cherkley Court

Greengage Environmental were appointed to advise on a range of ecological issues in the creation of a golf course on the site of the Cherkley Court estate near Leatherhead, Surrey. The team’s input included undertaking Phase 1 Ecology, Bat, Bird, Invertebrate, NVC Phase 2 Vegetation and Reptile Surveys as part of the pre-planning Environmental Statement. In addition the team provided services associated with the discharging of ecology related pre-commencement conditions that involved the development of an extensive Landscape and Ecology Management Plan (LEMP). The initial surveys appraised much of the extensive 380 acre estate in terms of potential to support ecological receptors of note, and confirmed presence/absence as appropriate through further surveys.

The LEMP demonstrated the application of sound ecological knowledge and practice to mitigate damage to, enhance features of and sustainably manage the onsite flora and fauna in the context of the development of the 18 hole golf course. This included an extensive grassland management scheme and specific mitigation for reptile and roman snail populations that stood to be directly impacted by the proposed development.

Greengage have continued to provide onsite advice throughout the works, acting in an Ecological Clerk of Works role and undertaking extensive roman snail (under a successful grant of a Schedule 5 Natural England Conservation Licence) and reptile relocation programmes. Greengage have continued to undertake monitoring surveys, as well a suite of fresh surveys throughout the adjacent Cherkley Wood, an ancient woodland, to inform a Woodland Management Plan for the site.