Broadgate Estate

The Broadgate Estate is a large commercial office and retail estate in the City of London owned by British Land and managed by Broadgate Estates. The Estate comprises 32 hectares of land roughly defined by Bishopsgate to the east, Worship Street to the north, Wilson Street to the west and Liverpool Street to the south.

London’s biodiversity is highly valued. The City, despite the heavily urbanised setting, is no exception, supporting a range of notable species and habitats of local, regional and national importance.

Greengage produced a Framework report for Broadgate, forming the basis of the approach to biodiversity conservation at the Estate. The Framework includes a 10-year Biodiversity Action Plan to address management of existing and future assets, alongside Mandatory Biodiversity Requirements which prescribes the ecological approach for future development at the Estate. Conservation targets and specific key performance indicators against which to measure success are defined focused around ecosystems service delivery.

Whilst being focused on a heavily urbanised site, this project closely reflects many of the needs of the South Ormsby Estate, requiring ecological interventions to be multifunctional, reflecting broader sustainability and socio-economic needs.