Brentford FC – Social Return on Investment

The Brentford FC redevelopment was able to demonstrate a number of quantifiable benefits for the local community. The redevelopment/provision of new facilities resulted in improvements to:

  • Sports and Coach Development;
  • Educational Support;
  • Volunteering; and
  • Improvements to community cohesion, health and wellbeing.

In relation to Economic Benefits, the SROI analysis carried out highlighted the employment figures related to the number of: direct; indirect; full/ part-time; permanent/temporary employment totals.

The SROI analysis also demonstrated the Economic Benefits related to supporter spend in the local area.  Over the course of a year the redeveloped stadium resulted in an annual injection of £2.5m in the local hospitality economy.

The SROI analysis was also able to show the way in which the community benefited.  Due to improved facilities, levels of participation has improved and there has been increased participation in sport and physical activity through increased use in the community space.  There has also been increased participation in the community and educational outreach facilities. Specifically the development of the facilities enabled out of hours learning, afterschool clubs, enterprise workshops and industry open days.

The SROI analysis demonstrated that the overall participant numbers on Community Sports Trust Programmes could increase by:

  • 4,000 participants per year
  • Volunteer by 100
  • Volunteer opportunities by 850
  • Delivery of qualification by 100.