Beckton Industrial Park

Greengage were appointed to provide the environmental strategy and approach for a large-scale industrial scheme in East London. As part of the submission, two separate development strategy scenarios for the scheme were modelled, depending on the extent of the proposed DLR extension.

The socio-economic assessment considered both the former existing employment located on the site and the potential employment benefits of both proposed development scenarios.

The baseline analysis of the application site also identified the location’s severance from surrounding communities, poor natural surveillance and general poor urban environment. These factors were considered to result in a conjunction of criminal opportunity that produced a noticeably high crime rate. As part of the socio-economic assessment, mitigation measures were proposed in collaboration with the architect that sought to lessen the conduciveness of the environment to crime.

Rather than the introduction of highly visible security measures, it was recommended that the general environment, natural surveillance and lighting be improved to minimise the opportunity for crime. Overt security measures may be as damaging to local communities and site employees through their propensity to increase the perception of crime.