Bacton Low Rise Estate

Greengage Environmental undertook an Extended Ecological Phase 1 Habitat Survey that mapped out general habitat types found within the site boundary and assessed the potential for protected species to use the site.

The site was well connected by green corridors, roads and railway lines to nearby areas of ecological note and showed the potential to support bat foraging activity. As such, bat emergence and activity surveys were undertaken where the extent of onsite bat activity was assessed.

Greengage also carried out a BS5837 compliant Tree Survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessment where constraints regarding onsite trees were considered in light of the proposed development plans. Actions towards mitigating damage to, and loss of, trees, and management of existing and newly planted trees were presented in accordance with best practice guidelines, informing landscaping plans.

Greengage provided continued support after a successful planning application in the production of a detailed Biodiversity Management Plan that provided specifications for a wide variety of ecological enhancements across the site reflecting local policy and Biodiversity Action Plan targets.