BRE fees to rise from 1st July 2017

BRE fees to rise from 1st July 2017

BRE fees to rise from 1st July 2017 150 150 Greengage Environmental

The BRE have recently announced that as of 1st July 2017, there will be a change to the structure and uplift in the fees for BREEAM New Construction scheme.

For most BREEAM schemes, project registration fees will rise to £250 (from £195). The most significant change however, will be to certification fees for New Construction schemes, which will now be based on the project area rather than a flat fee per project. For smaller buildings, the fees are largely unchanged but fees will rise considerably for larger buildings, particularly those over 5,000m2.

The table below shows the new fees for New Construction 2014:

There will also be slight changes to the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment 2014 schemes fee structure depending on the number of dwellings being assessed.

With licenced assessors covering all BREEAM schemes, Greengage are able to assist with BREEAM New Construction and Domestic Refurbishment projects of all sizes and register schemes prior to the new pricing structure, thus enabling any registration and certification fees to be ‘locked in’ at the lower rate for the duration of the project.

Other changes to BREEAM schemes in the pipeline include the release of the new manual for New Construction schemes, targeted for Spring 2018. The BRE are currently developing the content of the manual with a draft expected to be released in late summer/early autumn 2017 for comment.

Greengage will review the draft manual and provide comment, but would also welcome feedback from other parties with an interest in BREEAM.

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