New Bat Survey Guidance

New Bat Survey Guidance

New Bat Survey Guidance 680 506 Greengage Environmental

As the ecology survey season rapidly approaches, many protected species, including bats, reptiles, dormice and great-crested newt, are becoming active.

As you can see from Greengage’s Ecology Calendar the survey season for particular protected species runs until September. However, it may be necessary to undertake surveys at different times throughout the season, so it’s important to consider the ecological constraints of a development site early in the pre-planning programme.

In preparation for the upcoming survey season, there have been some updates to formal survey guidance; December saw the release of the Bat Conservation Trust Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines. The 3rd Edition features some new requirements that will change surveys and reporting for projects, for example the need to have more statistical analysis of data.

Meeting the requirements of the guidance will be important to avoid potential delays in the planning process.

If you would like to discuss the ecology survey season or potential ecological considerations in relation to any of your schemes, please email or call him on 0203 544 3995.