Dear Andrew

It was great to meet you yesterday, many thanks for your time. As discussed, provided below are some further details on projects we have delivered and links to our recent Thought Leadership.

  • Clapham Park – Greengage led the sustainability, energy and biodiversity input along with coordinating the EIA and authoring several of the chapters for this major regeneration scheme.
  • Great Portland Estates – We assisted GPE on the preparation of their Corporate Social Value Guidelines.  We are now implementing these guidelines at a project level.
  • Brunel University – Sustainability and Energy support on a new learning and teaching centre at Brunel University.
  • Brentford FC – A range of environmental and sustainability services to support the masterplan application to redevelop a constrained site into a mixed-use residential, hotel, commercial and sports entertainment venue.
  • Manhattan Loft Gardens – Preparation of an Environmental Strategy for planning and delivery of services including sustainability, energy, ecology and socio-economic.

Relevant projects

Clapham Park

Great Portland Estates

Brunel University

Brentford FC

Manhattan Loft Gardens

Mike Harris

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