Using GRESB To Deliver ESG In Real Estate – Output of the Greengage Breakfast Workshop

Investors increasingly view ESG as a core part of their investment analysis as its link to Corporate Financial Performance (CFP) in terms of reducing risks, improving performance and building reputation is becoming evident. Thus, there is a clear need for companies to embed ESG considerations in their strategy and business practice, as well as communicating this to the investor community in a clear and substantive manner.

The GRESB assessment is one of the key tools real estate companies can use to identify gaps in their approach that they need to address and communicate this continuously evolving process to investors through peer benchmarking.

Greengage ran a breakfast workshop to address the practical implications of promoting the ESG performance of real estate portfolios to ensure their sustained long-term value.

The aim of the workshop was to give professionals the opportunity to actively engage with the topic by discussing key topics, sharing best practice case studies and taking part in group work exercises.

It focussed on the actions within an organisation that GRESB encourages and discussed the value in developing certain approaches and processes. Participants included investors, developers, asset managers, fund managers and managing agents.

Read the workshop report here.