Read more on London Tree Week by Tom Luck from our Arboricultural Team

‘A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in’ – Greek Proverb

Simply, the importance of planning for the future. The use of trees in the metaphor instils the importance of trees in the urban environment and the sometimes intangible socio-economic benefits they provide:

• Health and wellbeing;
• Increase the value of surrounding property;
• Absorbing carbon;
• Surface water run-off attenuation;
• Community; and
• Ecological.

This week is London Tree Week, which is part of the Mayors RE:LEAF work to protect and increase the number of trees in London. London Tree Week hosts free exhibitions, events and workshops to raise awareness of the environmental, social and economic benefits of trees.

Greengage’s Arboricultural team will be contributing to London Tree Week by celebrating interesting trees from around the planet.

To celebrate London’s trees and woodlands, please follow the link below for details of special events happening each day this week: