With spring creeping up on us, the ecology survey season soon begins again. Have a look at our Ecology Survey Timetable to let you know when’s best to start surveying at your site. Click Here for Greengage’s Ecology Survey Calendar

Greengage is a Housing Design Award Winner with Adam Khan Architects and others for Tower Court, Hackney. Tower Court is at the head of Clapton Common, amongst a busy and culturally diverse residential neighbourhood.  A model for higher-density urban family living, the client’s brief called for particular attention to be paid to the needs of returning residents and the housing requirements of the Orthodox Jewish community. The scheme … more

Natural England’s four new policies herald the biggest overhaul in wildlife licencing in years. The aims are to benefit both European Protected Species (EPS) and developers by prioritising habitat creation at a landscape scale over mitigation at a site level, and enabling developments to proceed without seasonal delays and with significant cost savings. To slipstream these policies, Natural England is trialling a system of district licencing, which would … more

In spite of another long, cold and wet winter our ecologists have been busier than ever travelling the UK undertaking surveys and supporting our clients. Whilst many animals are hibernating in this time, there have been several notable changes in the world of commercial ecology. Most importantly, Natural England’s new wildlife licensing policies will have profound effects on the way that consultants and design teams approach mitigation for … more

As the ecology survey season rapidly approaches, many protected species, including bats, reptiles, dormice and great-crested newt, are becoming active. As you can see from Greengage’s Ecology Calendar the survey season for particular protected species runs until September. However, it may be necessary to undertake surveys at different times throughout the season, so it’s important to consider the ecological constraints of a development site early in the pre-planning … more