The concept of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) has gained increasing traction in the past couple of years as more people acknowledge the wide-ranging benefits that nature provides society. Most notably, the idea was included in the 25 Year Environment Plan and embedded within NPPF 2.0 last summer; moves that spell a likely sea change in attitude which will influence emerging policy. Reflecting this trend, Government launched their consultation … more


The fourth edition of Engage has now launched! In this issue we focus on the Circular Economy and the importance it has to play in the way we use materials throughout the building lifecycle. We explore the implementation of circular economy in the development stage for both external and internal demands.

The third edition of Engage has now launched! In this issue we focus on the importance of Green Infrastructure and the multitude of environmental, social and economic benefits it brings. We explore the forms that urban GI can take and provide our views on what the future entails for Green Infrastructure.

The second edition of Engage has now launched! In this issue we focus on the continued rise of social value and its importance in our industry today. We look at what social value means to different people and dig deeper into how measurement and demonstration of additionality will define success in the future.

We are really excited about our first edition of Engage which is being launched today. This is the first in a series of thought leadership pieces around the future of sustainability. In this issue we present the insights given to us by industry leaders in the built environment about how sustainability has changed, what the barriers have been, and what the future for it holds.    

Award winning strategic real-time construction energy and water monitoring in Central London construction project The Nile Street development is a collaboration between the London Borough of Hackney and the Local Education Partnership, delivering high quality homes and educational facilities in Hackney. Greengage worked with McLaren Group, the principal contractor for the redevelopment of the New Regent’s College site, providing group level advice on improving the sustainability of their … more

On the 21st November City of Trees hosted ‘The contribution of trees and GI (Green Infrastructure) to creating resilient cities’ seminar. During the day nine excellent presentations were delivered. The key messages were: The contribution of trees and GI to creating resilient cities is huge GI has to be a fundamental part of the design process GI has to be considered on a strategic scale as well as … more

Making comprehensive, substantial reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for buildings is a daunting prospect. The construction and operation of buildings contributes around 40% of worldwide GHG emissions, so change is expected and needed as part of global emissions targets. Operational energy uses have previously been the area of focus for carbon accounting and target setting. The real estate sector however, is dominated by indirect emissions, otherwise known … more

Hundreds of enforcement notifications on ESOS compliance were sent out before the summer break and it is likely many more will follow. The qualification date of 31st December 2018 for Phase 2 is fast approaching. Companies meeting the eligibility criteria on this date will need to ensure they have put in place systems to measure their energy use for a period of 12 months, inclusive of this qualification … more

On the 5th November 2018 updated Standing Advise was issued by the Government on ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees. Standing advice is pre-written advice that: explains what applicants need to do to meet legislative and planning policy; and details what Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) should consider for developments affecting ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees. It is a material consideration which an LPA must consider … more

Greengage are excited to announce the appointment of Tom Gwilliam as an Associate. Tom will lead our Energy and Carbon Management team providing expert advice to our clients and continuing to grow this business stream. Tom is an Energy Consultant and Certified Passivhaus Designer with extensive experience in developing energy strategies for multi-use developments in the UK, including the detailed assessment of heat networks, renewable technologies and embodied … more

This week saw the release of updated guidance on how to prepare energy assessments by the GLA. The new document will replace the 2016 guidance from the beginning of next year and echoes some of the policy changes proposed as part of the Draft London Plan. The update is notable as it encourages the use of SAP 10 carbon emissions factors. These factors assign an amount of carbon per unit of energy consumed or generated in … more


What is City of Trees? City of trees is an exciting and innovative project in Greater Manchester which is set to rejuvenate the landscape by transforming underused and unloved woodlands and planting a tree for every person that lives in the Greater Manchester region. Initiated by The Oglesby Charitable Trust and Community Forest Trust, the goals include planting three million trees across Greater Manchester and bringing back 2,000 … more

Wednesday 1st August 2018 is Play Day; a national day dedicated to highlighting the importance of play in children’s lives, celebrated by both small-scale community events and large organised events in parks and open spaces across the country. Play is a vital part of children’s development that improves their health and quality of life. Research has shown that access to good play provision can provide numerous benefits including: increased … more

With rising energy bills a concern for any tenant, the ability to generate more income through living in a zero-energy home can offset any worries about investing on a smart design. Financing such a project is the trickiest part but it has now been proven that the benefits and returns provide a viable and green future. A zero-energy building is a building with zero net energy consumption, meaning … more

In 2004 Canary Wharf Group became one of the first developers to create a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). Through its implementation a suitable living environment for native and threatened species of plants and animals has been created and their establishment has taken place alongside the thriving commercial world of the Canary Wharf estate. Today, the Estate has: 4 urban parks with a total of 24,000m2 of park and amenity … more

Studio Egret West with Carl Turner Architects, Civic Engineers and Greengage have been commissioned by Lewisham Council to lead a major initiative to re-shape Catford town centre. A significant aspiration of the project will be to transform the south circular as well as the interchange of Catford and Catford Bridge stations to release higher quality public realm and a more welcoming town centre environment. Redevelopment proposals for numerous … more

Last week was Green Sky Thinking Week 2018, an annual event organised by Open City to spread best practice for sustainability in the built environment. This year’s theme was ‘People First’, with a task of exploring sustainable design from the human perspective.  This seemed a great opportunity to talk about Clapham Park, a major regeneration project that has been designed with people in mind. From the outset of the Clapham … more

The UK Government think they have part of the answer in the creation of a new fund designed to decarbonise heat in cities across the UK. The Government are committing £320m to unlock over £1bn of private investment in heat networks. The aim is for this investment to deliver three things: Heating that is secure and flexible enough to promote access to new technologies; Heating that is affordable … more


Crystal Palace Chairman Steve Parish has unveiled ambitious plans to redevelop Selhurst Park, creating a new Crystal Palace for a new era. The project, which is expected to cost between £75-£100m, will increase the capacity at Selhurst Park from 26,000 to more than 34,000, overhauling a stadium which has been the club’s home since 1924. It will transform the match-day experience for supporters and provide new facilities for … more