Greengage undertake Materials Assessment for Marks & Spencer

Greengage have completed a Materials Assessment on behalf of Marks and Spencer (M&S).  The Materials Assessment incorporated principles of the circular economy and evaluated the environmental metrics of Walls, Floors and Ceiling Finishes used as part of the M&S in-store surface finishes.   Specifically, the Assessment examined:

–       Increased recycled content;

–       End of life;

–       Re-use;

–       Recyclability; and

–       Embodied impacts of materials and finishes.

Building upon the M&S Sustainable Designers Guide released in 2013, the Assessment forms part of a new commitment from M&S that recognises an opportunity to reduce environmental impacts through measured shop-fit material specifications and design decisions.  As a result of the Assessment, M&S are continuing to work towards their targets and “Plan A” commitments.

If you would like any information on circular economy or material assessments, please contact Lesley Treacy, Associate Partner at Greengage (