Election Manifesto Analysis

As May 7th gets nearer and the election fervour mounts, we at Greengage have been reviewing the main parties’ manifestos and seeing what they will mean in practice. Ignoring the posturing by all sides, we look at how we will be affected and what the key changes will be over the next four to five years. How do the Greens, Labour, Lib Dems, Conservative and UKIP respond to issues such as energy security, the ‘performance gap’, zero carbon homes and climate change?

What we found is a lack of clarity, and although there are high level mentions of key environmental issues such as energy reduction and climate change, the manifestos are very short on detail. Based on our knowledge of the industry and how policies and legislation will affect our clients and projects, we have compiled an analysis of what the manifestos mean, focusing on three key priority topics – Housing, Energy & Climate Change and Biodiversity.

Read what the election might mean for you and your business after the 7th May 2015 in our election manifesto analysis in Prezi format. (Or a simple pdf.)