St. James’ Square

Bat Surveys to inform a new lighting regime and landscaping plan for a Georgian Square in London’s exclusive St. James’ district.

Montagu Evans
St James's Square, London, United Kingdom

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Greengage undertook detailed bat activity and emergence surveys in this classic Georgian Square in the heart of St. James’ to inform the installation of a new lighting regime and fresh landscaping plans.

In the heart of London, nestled between Mayfair and Trafalgar Square, the square seems an unlikely location for wildlife however significant levels of pipistrelle bat foraging were observed throughout the surveys confirming this site as an important local resource for London’s bats. We provided strategic advice regarding lighting regimes and recommended mitigation measures to ensure the continued ecological functionality of the site.

Greengage also undertook a BS5837 Tree Survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessment for the proposed works in support of planning enabling the retention and protection of the veteran, characteristic London plane trees.

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