North West Kent College

A sustainability assessment within the green belt to deliver an improved campus and state of the art teaching facilities.

North West Kent College
North West Kent College (Dartford), Oakfield Lane, Dartford, United Kingdom

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Greengage provided a Sustainability Assessment and an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and accompanying report in support of the application to redevelop this green belt site. The Habitat Survey mapped out general habitat types found within the 13.6 hectare site and assessed the potential for protected species. An additional survey was required to confirm that bats were not roosting within the buildings that were to be demolished.

The team’s Sustainability Statement encompassed a review of the proposed development against key national, regional and local sustainability targets and objectives. It highlighted how the proposed redevelopment would address environmental considerations. Areas such as water efficiency, ecological enhancement, waste management and materials selection were addressed along with efforts to incorporate energy efficient measures in the development.

Greengage worked closely with Dartford Borough Council and Natural England.

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