Isle of Grain Gas Importation Facility

An Environmental Impact Assessment on the increase capacity for the importation of liquefied natural gas.

National Grid Grain LNG
Isle of Grain, United Kingdom

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This site on the Isle of Grain in Kent is already the home of the operational National Grid Grain Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Importation Facility, which consists of: Four gasholders, a cryogenic pipeline which links the facility to the existing jetty, and a significant number of additional supporting infrastructure buildings and associated plant.

We were commissioned to coordinate the technical assessments for the submission of an EIA for additional storage tanks, pipelines, new importation jetty and associated process equipment on site.

We consulted with a range of stakeholders including Medway Council, neighbouring landowners, and a number of other statutory consultees including Natural England, the Port of London Authority and the Environment Agency.

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