Elephant Park Masterplan Monitoring

Greengage have been working on the Elephant Park scheme in south London, a major urban regeneration project committed to long term monitoring of urban biodiversity.

Elephant and Castle, London, United Kingdom


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Having worked on pre-planning surveys and condition discharge reporting we commenced our first year of ecological monitoring across the Masterplan site, including the newly opened central park.

We were also pleased to sit on the Biodiversity Ecology and Nature (BEN) Strategy board to help redefine the original strategy, which sets the Framework for ecological design on each detailed phase. Alongside this we prescribed an Environmental Action Plan for the South Gardens phase and the masterplan scale Ecological Monitoring Scheme; this monitoring will sit alongside the two years of bat, bird and invertebrate surveys we have undertaken on the living roofs of the nearby Trafalgar Place, measuring the long-term benefits of green infrastructure on urban biodiversity.

This is a novel and unique approach, and not only provides an opportunity to collect data to inform effective site management, but can add to the industry’s knowledge and understanding of how newly created urban ecosystems function at a spatial scale, and how habitats and faunal communities develop over time.

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