Greengage has again supported Better Bankside’s annual winter appeal the ‘Together at Christmas Campaign’. The purpose of the campaign is to give a hand up to those who might not necessarily receive a gift this year and focusses on the local homeless population and those in supported housing e.g. local elderly or young people. The Greengage team donated gifts and participated in a ‘festive wrapping session’ where Christmas … more

The hub brief: to be by an exemplary sustainable development. In 2014, it became the first hotel in the UK to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ (85%+) BREEAM rating at Interim Design Stage – with a score of 86.7%. In April 2015 it smashed its own record by exceeding 90.50% at Post Construction – defying the performance gap trap. Greengage acted as the Sustainability Consultants and BREEAM assessors on the … more

Cambridge Community Sporting Company (CCSC) is a new & exciting hybrid project comprising of two developments: the Cambridge Community Stadium Development (CCS) and the Cambridge Sporting Village Development (CSV). The project responds to the needs of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire community by delivering sustainable growth, while bringing forward new homes, new sporting facilties and significant social infrastructure and benefits. The CCS development involves the redevelopment of the Cambridge … more

The Prince’s Foundation’s DFATD funded programme focuses on addressing the global challenges posed by rapid urbanisation in three cities; Nairobi in Kenya, Kingston in Jamaica and Yangon in Myanmar. By 2050 the world’s urban population is expected to double to almost 6.5 billion with rapid and unplanned expansion threatening the quality of life, health and economic sustainability of hundreds of millions of people. You can read the report here … more

One of the key changes in sustainability over the last 12 months has been the increasing need to considering building users and how the built environment affects their ‘Wellness’. With the release of the Certification Guidebook and updates to the information on the Standard more organisations are considering how this can be suitable for their projects. Whilst traditional sustainability methods such as BREEAM and RICS Ska do address … more

In the wake of a summer of changes to green policy, with global warming set to breach the 1oC threshold this winter, and with the Paris climate talks around the corner, our Senior Ecologist Morgan Taylor discusses some of the big issues that face nature conservation in the UK. Whilst responding to a Welsh government consultation for their proposed ‘New Management Measures for the Scallop Fishery in Cardigan … more


Here at Greengage we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver truly sustainable solutions through a holistic, innovative and no nonsense approach. We asked our expert team to describe how we apply our wealth of knowledge in a way that provides our clients with bespoke sustainability and energy advice. Watch our video below to see Ruth Geeson, Iain Fraser and Richa Kumar discuss our work within the energy … more

This week the government published guidelines for how UK businesses with a total annual turnover of £36m or more will be required to produce an annual slavery and human trafficking statement, or face the possibility of an unlimited fine.  Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, larger organisations, regardless of their business type must set out the steps they have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in … more

In our latest CPD, Greengage will help project managers, architects, engineers and cost consultants to understand the importance of embodied carbon and how you can deliver buildings with a lower carbon footprint. The UK Government’s Construction 2025 strategy sets out a strategic vision for the future of the industry. Amongst the key challenges to the industry is the target of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in … more

Whilst new research commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change has found that there has been a significant increase in awareness about the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) many companies still don’t know what they need to do to comply. An IFF Research survey found that 89% of businesses had heard of ESOS by June this year compared to 56% it reported in November 2014 but … more

Following a review of the Carbon Reduction Committment (CRC) the government recently launched a consultation  seeking views on proposals to significantly reform the requirements for businesses to report on their energy use and measures to reduce it. The current policy landscape has been criticised by businesses that they are required to report similar information through a number of different schemes, leading to unnecessary administrative costs that could have … more

On Thursday last week, Greengage attended the UK Green Building Council Embodied Carbon Conference, an event that is built on the outputs of the 2014 Embodied Carbon Week. At a time when we are seeing a reduced likelihood of legislation driving embodied carbon measurement and reduction, the industry came together to share and encourage best practice. In the absence of central political leadership, local authorities explained how they … more

Following the July review of the CRC, this week HM Treasury launched a consultation seeking views and evidence on proposals to reform the business energy efficiency tax landscape and associated regulations, including the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and Climate Change Agreements, and energy and carbon reporting including links to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. In short, a major shakeup of energy and carbon regulations is around the corner. … more

Does shifting baseline syndrome affect our conservation priorities, and, if so, does this really matter? Inspired by the writings of George Monbiot this piece explores whether we have set ourselves the correct priorities for contemporary conservation targets or whether we have missed the point. Protection of habitats, particularly in upland heaths or lowland grassland, focuses on heavy management to conserve species endemic to pre-war, post-industrial revolution communities. In … more


As part of World Green Building Week 2015, Greengage hosted an event entitled ‘Designing for Health & Wellbeing’. The event was well-attended by industry peers from a variety of backgrounds and stimulated good debate on the subject. The first speaker, Abena Poku-Awuah, Sustainability Manager, Family Mosaic talked about the steps they have taken to increase the health and wellbeing for their residents including a Greening Communities Project where … more

Whilst new research commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change has found that there has been a significant increase in awareness about the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) many companies still don’t know what they need to do to comply. An IFF Research survey found that 89% of businesses had heard of ESOS by June this year compared to 56% it reported in November 2014 but … more

23 September 8.30-10 As part of World Green Building Week 2015, Greengage Environmental LLP will host a breakfast briefing looking at how designing for health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly important for businesses and those that have a long term investment in developments. The health and wellbeing of staff has an immediate impact on the financial return and operations of any business. Well designed and operated buildings – … more


Does the recent CRC review hint at a further government environmental policy shift? In July 2015 a review of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme was undertaken by the government’s environmental advisors. In this post we analyse the findings from the review and consider how these may relate to emerging government policy applied to companies. The research focussed on phase 1 (April 2010 – March 2014) … more

The government has made the shock announcement that it will be scrapping the zero carbon policy for new homes in 2016, and has also confirmed that it will not be going ahead with the zero carbon policy for non-domestic buildings in 2019. The move has been stated as a way to get new homes built without the financial barriers that zero carbon initiatives place on developers. But the … more

Our ecology team have been very busy this spring and summer all over the UK on a fantastic range of projects. We have had award nominations, new starters, worked on major development schemes, and seen continued growth in our green infrastructure and urban ecology services. Busy summer! This summer Greengage have been all over the UK surveying. Among others we have seen rare horseshoe bats in Torbay, sand … more