Greengage are pleased to nominate and sponsor a charity each year to support causes that are close to our hearts.

This year, Greengage have chosen to support the Marie Curie Cancer Care Trust. Marie Curie Cancer Care is a UK charity dedicated to the care of people with terminal illnesses with a network of 2,000 Marie Curie Nurses who work in the homes of terminally ill patients across the UK providing practical care and support. The trust is made up of nine hospices across the UK providing expert care and the best quality of life for people with terminal illnesses.

Marie Curie Cancer Care is a leader in research into the best ways of caring for people with terminal illnesses, and how care could be improved in future. They have their own research teams, and fund external research programmes. Their services are always free to patients and their families, thanks to the generous support of the public. Funding of their nursing services and hospices is 50/50 in partnership with the NHS.

Greengage will be actively supporting Marie Curie Cancer Care this year with the team taking part in fundraising activities throughout the year.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter to see how we get on!